The Portfolio of
Geoff Pavey
Developer, Designer,
Traveler, Idealist,
Good Egg


Latest fun projects I've been working on:


Web Development/Design

Missoula Spirit & Ale Trail

Web Development/Design & Branding

March Conservation Fund

Web Development/Design


Web Development/Design

Bike Works

Web Development/Design


Web Development/Design

Aviation Island Brewing

Web Development/Design & Branding

Print Work



Illustration / Branding / Print


Fun Stuff

Hello. I'm Geoff Pavey, a Web Developer/Designer.

I specialize in web development and design.

I speak MVC Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SQL.

I can work my way around many frameworks including Angular.js, Sass, Rails, Sinatra and Bootstrap.

I have worked with Postgresql and Mysql.

I grok Git.

The thought of using Restful Web Services make me giddy.

I think build tools like Grunt, Bower and NPM are divine.

I can make a bow tie out of a dollar bill.

They say that the journey is the destination and so far my life has led me on a great one.

My insatiable lust to see the world has led me to 37 countries. I love living out of a backpack.

I've worked as a network administrator, a systems administrator, a bike mechanic, a carpenter, an international aid worker, a suit salesman, a shoe salesman, a sporting goods store manager and a bartender.

And that's just the highlight reel.